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Sagas Nepal

10/10/09 Dear Diary,

Today it has been a really tiering day! First, we had to get up at 4.40 in the morning. Only 7 people who weent from Nepal sat on the plane. It was Hjalmars teacher, my buddie´s teacher and their friend. We arrived in Katmandu.

Tomorrow Hjalmar and mum are gonna bungyjump. Now we have to eat dinner. Good night and see you tomorrow (so excitet about seeing mom bungyjump).

11/10/09 Dear Diary,

Good morning!! We are sooo late. I was woken up by my very stressed mum. Now we are sitting here on Mandala street waiting for the Bungybus, drinking milk shake. The bus has just arrived! See you on the bus.

I just saw a field full of people training, an army that wasw out training and two horses pulling a wagon. Nepal is not like any other I have ever seen. Trust me, I have been to about 25 different places when I have lived in Malaysia.

I just saw a cow eating in a bush!

I´m in bed writing by now. The lights just had blackouts so we have to use candles. Candles aren´t really moms thing because she just put the curtain on fire. The only thing I said when I saw the big hole was -"that is gonna leave a mark".

12/11/09 Dear Diary,

Yay! Ops sorry I had to scream there because we are going on an airplane to fly around Mt Everest. Cecilia, my mom told me a story about a Canadian girl who climbed Mt Everest and was to tired to climb down so she stayed up there and freezed to death. Her hair still flows along with the wind and her eyes still sparkle like diamonds.

Now we are on our way down. Every morning we get up at around 5.00 and it is getting annoying not having breakfast. We just landed and are now going to get breakfast.

13/10/09 Dear Diary,

Tomorrow we are going treeking and I am so excited! Now we are packing but I´m not feeling well. I have to take a rest because we think I got some food poisoning. I just womited about 5 times in a minute. Finally, now i feel like a woman again, because half my stomach ache is gone!

14/10/09 Dear Diary,

When I woke up I heard mom saying -"Yes he has high fever and is very tired. Yes oh thank you" to the guide. When the treeking guide left I asked what they were talking about and she said that only Hjalmar and my dad, Johan where going to trek. I almost burst into tears but held them back. After that I carefully asked mom, -"mom, did I ruin your vacation?"Of course not honey. I got to bungyjump and now I get some time to spend with you. -"There´s nothing wrong with that is it?" she answered.

15/10/08 Dear Diary,

Today I am feeling better so we are going treeking for about 6 hours. When we took a rest we saw Hjalmar and dad coming. They had surprised looks in their faces when they saw us! Then Hjalmar yelled -" Yes I won! I won!". I asked what he was doing and he said that he had bet on that we would meet them. I´ll write more tomorrow. Good night!

16/11/09 Dear Diary,

Today we are going down the whole mountain. We just passed al lake and I almost flew all the way down the mountain stairs.

By Saga Boestad

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