Sundström Travel i Kambodja, Malaysia och Thailand
En resdagbok skriven av EvAnders på
Sundström Travel i Kambodja, Malaysia och Thailand
Introduktion: Nu har vi varit hemma i drygt två år efter vår "Jorden Runt På 365 Dagar" - se och det är dags att få lite nya inspirationer samt återse några av de personer vi träffat tidigare i Kambodja, Malaysia och Thailand. Med på resan har vi Bengt & Kerstin från Göteborg och vi skall tillsammans besöka Phnom Penh, Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Kuala Lumpur , Bangkok, Khao Lak samt bo på dykbåt ute vid Similan Island. För ovanlighetens skull har vi varit på dessa ställen förut så vi skall ta tillfället i akt att sondera terrängen för kommande reseprojekt genom Sundström Travel så planerar ni att åka hit så kontakta oss innan ni åker för tips och hjälp. Välkomna! EvAnders
15/12-08 Finnboda Hamnkontor, Sverige
Sundström Travel is on the move again!

Please accept the fact that we have taken our old maillist from our "Around The World in 365 Days" travel reports or added your email address to this travel. If you don´t want to join us on this trip - just let us know or use the delete button on your keyboard!

As we will have limited of time we will only write in English and focus on this trip is to show Bengt & Kerstin this lovely part of the world and collect impressions that we could use for future travel arrangements with Sundström Travel.

So if you have plans to go these areas (and other) don´t hesitate to contact us to see what we can do to for you! We leave Stockholm Dec 16 and fly via Istanbul and our first stop is Bangkok and restaurant Vientiane Kitchen where we will celebrate Evas birthday (22 years as usual)!

If you need to get in touch you can leave a message on, or on Anders mobile phone.

We also would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!!

Best regards EvAnders

20/12-08 Silom, Thailand
Three nights in Bangkok

Hi Friends!

Evas Birthday (22:nd as usual!!) was very nice, warm and surprising!

The Restaurant "Vientiane Kitchen" in Bangkok was as good as ever and Anders has told them in advance about Evas birthday so they celebrated Eva in singing and birthdaycakes and good wishes in a traditional Laos way called Bai Sri Soo Khawn Ceremony.

We have done some research where to do our shopping when we come back in January in Bangkok. One early morning we hired a longboat and went on the Bangkok river for a couple of hours. Bangkok is not that hot and humid that we are used to but that's of course it is winter!! Maximum 30 degrees and no rain - better than 1 or 2 degrees as it seems to be in Stockholm at the moment.

We have gone to the famous temples with Bengt and Kerstin and of course looked at the Emerald Buddha at the Royal Palace, the big laying Buddha at Wat Po and the Golden Buddha. We also took a long walk in Chinatown and the amazing and sometimes surrialistic market streets - highly recommendable as there where mostly locals out shopping.

Yesterday we had some Tiger beer ( i.e LEO) and really good Thai food in a street (yes, the table and the wok where on different sides of the street!!) close by our Hotel. WOW, I guess we all can live on Thai food and everytime we eat on the street we get convinced that these places have the best food and are extremely cheap.

Today we are heading for Pnomh Penh in Cambodia and we are leaving a Bangkok in a couple of hours. Eventhough Bangkok is chaotic and you see things that Western people react on we have tried to prepare Bengt & Kerstin for the contrast they will experience we we land in Cambodia!!

Enjoy the weekend!!

Anders, Eva, Bengt and Kerstin

26/12-08 Angkor Wat, Kambodja
Christmas in Cambodia

Our warmest greetings goes to Ratana who has made our visit to Cambodia
absolute wonderful. Have a look at the video (Filmer - left on this page) where he presents himself - we can provide contact information for you so you can get in touch before you arrive in Siem Reap.

Not only has he taken care of us in Siem Reap for four days but he also took the bus (6 hours) from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh to meet us and show us Phnom Penh for one day and then joined us
on our bustrip from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap (which gave us the
opportunity to try fried grasshoppers and big black spiders!!!!).

we have seen the "must things" in Phnom Penh like Killing Fields, S-21,
Royal Palace and the temples in Siem Reap such as Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm
and Bayon our goal with the visit this time has been to go outside the
beaten track.

As the night portier said last night when we came
back to the hotel and told him what we had done during the day - "thank
you very much for taking time to look at the real Cambodia". After 150
kilometer yesterday in a tuk-tuk on good roads and not so good roads
with dust everywhere it was very nice to take a shower. Thanks
to Roy (Canadian, living in Siem Reap) who is doing a magnificant work
with Cambodian children we got the opportunity to see Poiy - whom we met
2 years ago - see

and his family at the countryside. It was so great to see him again and
we will continue to follow his development.

Ratana took us to
his lovely family as well and we visited some other families in the
village. Lunch was prepared at his house and we had some great moments
with the family members. We asked Ratana how many they stayed in the
house and he thought it was 20 something. During these meetings and
conversations with Lin and Mr Ra in Phnom Penh, Roy and Sinsin and
others in the Siem Reap area we have gotten a better understanding of
this country and its people, values and history, challenges and

There is of course so much more to see but we believe
Sundstrom Travel can add a personal touch to a visit and we are
preparing a trip for our neighbors travelling in Cambodia March 2009.

eve we spent watching a traditional dance, APSARA, in Siem Reap. We
also enjoyed a very special "Christmas Buffé" including Banana Flower
salad, Amok, fresh spring rolls, fruits, etc etc. Very Delicious!

In summary Cambodia is definitely a country you should not miss to visit!

the most important and lovely news from this Special day was a mail
from our youngest daughter Sophie, telling us that she and her
boyfriend Jonas has get engaged!!!! Warm congratulations to both of

Tonight we will have a farewell dinner at a local BBQ place (we have promized not to say the name to keep backpackers from it) in Siem Reap with Roy, Sinsin with family, Ratana and his brother and Reathanak and tomorrow early we fly to Kuala Lumpur.


Anders, Eva, Kerstin and Bengt

8/1-09 Nang Thong I, Thailand
Khao Lak is more popular then ever!

In Sweden it's apparently freezing cold and there is lots of ice on the lakes according to the sms we get from home. Please transport the ice to Khao Lak - we need it to get chilled drinks and beer on the beach in the heath!!

Since our last report we have said bye-bye to Ratana in Siem Reap and spend 1,5 days in our favourite city Kuala Lumpur (full schedule with visits to Sungai Wang Plaza, the rotating bar at Federal Hotel, lunch with Mr Poo in Times Square, Dinner at Jalan Alor, visit at Jalan Petaling!!) in Malaysia before heading back to Khao Lak in Thailand.

A lot is the same here - however we hear more Swedes than ever before and according to the locals business is relatively slow with less Germans due to the "political tsunami" that the unrest and closure of the airport in Nov/Dec in Bangkok caused effecting the whole SouthEast Asia.

We have met some our old friends here including Nam (Khanittha at former Garden Beach Resort, now Khao Lak Andaman Resort) and Jist at Nanh Thong I , Olof Carlsson at Poseidon Bungalows, Johnny - the taylor and some personell at the souvernier shops we have met during our previous visits before and after the tsunami 2004.

The positive thing is that they keep Khao Lak very calm, i.e. no nightclubs or the sort of nasty things you find at Patong. This attracts a lot of families with children, couples who wants to take care of themselves and elder people. No wonder - the beach is great, weather at the moment faboulous (it was colder and cloudy the first week ), massage on the beach, great food and a lot of activities for those who wants to activate themseleves.

We just arrived back from a 4 days visit at Similan Island - spending the time on a liveaboard with diving, eating, diving, eating, sunbathing, diving, eating, diving - in total we did 16 dives - some of the photos are attached. Diving was great!

Tonight Johnny the taylor has invited us for dinner at one of the Indian restaurants (at 22.00!) which we have not tried yet.

Otherwise we now know where they serve the best banana pancake in Khao Lak (after trying 7-8 places) and which restaurant that has the best chicken penang and where you should attend a thai cooking school, who has the best prices on food and drinks and where to go to if you want to buy souverniers, taylors, opticians, doctors (Bengt has been a frequent guest since he got his infected mosquito bites early on the trip but now it's gone), get the best service for activities etc.

If you plan to go to Khao Lak - just let us know and we provide you with our recommendations!

NEW YEAR. We entered 2009 barefoot on the beach on a very nice but small place together with 20 other people. Just before midnight an unusual high tide in combination with high waves came and took the big open fire on the beach, chairs and tables and everyone got soaking wet. Good food and fireworks at midnight and with flashlights in our hands we got back to Nang Thong relatively late that night.

We still have close to one week left of our journey and those days we plan to spend in Khao Lak and Bangkok before flying back to Stockholm.

Enjoy the weekend - we will!!


Anders, Eva, Bengt and Kerstin

26/1-09 Nang Thong 1, Thailand
Back in Sweden again!

Sundström Travel has ended yet another great trip and we have now all returned to work in Sweden.

We finished the trip in good style - having a (no two!) Mai Tai at the Sky Bar in hotel Lebua at 64:th floor overlooking Bangkok and then having dinner at the street where the cost of the dinner for four of us was equal to the cost of one drink at the bar. However - it was worth it and it was a great finish on our four week trip.

Before returning back to Bangkok we had some lovely days at Khao Lak - recovering from the intense scuba period we had in Similan Island. Some new pictures from under water is attached.

Bengt and Kerstin explored Khao Lak for a day and managed to become professionals in riding elephants themselves. Apart from reading and just relaxing, meeting people and researching food places we picked the things we had ordered from the tailor and our new glasses from the optician.

Johnny the tailor invited us for dinner at the Indian restaurant one evening and also breakfast with specially ordered Roti Canai one morning in his shop - by the way, if you are interested in tailor-made clothes we can inform you that Johnny will come to Sweden end of May this year.

Our massage ladies at the beach got frequent visits and also they invited us for dinner (and we also had Thai breakfast with them one morning with food from the local food stalls - very spicy and very good) at their place where they live. Very simple but so nice! As we always say - it is the encounters with people you remember longest and with warmest heart from travelling.

We are already discussing next big trip but no decisions made yet!

If you are longing to go to SouthEast Asia - now is a very good time to go. Tourists have abonded Thailand due to the financial crises and political turmoil last year so it is relatively easy to get cheep flight and no problem to get accomodation. It´s a pitty that the Swedish Krona is so weak though!

Greetings from Anders, Eva, Bengt and Kerstin