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An Island to be in Love with: Ilha do Mel

Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) is located in the state of Parana, Brasil, just 1:45 hs from the city of Curitiba. It is a place to forget about traffic, noise and the daily "civilized world". Since the island count with no roads, be prepared to walk! There are three main places to visit: Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, a charming fort with an amazing view over the sea and the island; Farol das Conchas, a lighthouse up in the hill of the island; and Grutas das Encantadas. Ila do Mel is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the sun, beaches, and good food.There is even a sushi place where you can enjoy a good movie while or after having dinner. Get your dessert near Praia do Farol and get to know the most tasty and delicious cakes ever made!. If you are ready to explore this place, do not expect luxuries! Ilha do Mel is as simple and basic as any Island Should be! Get ready for adventure! You'll Love it, as much as I do! (6/3-09)


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